Sunday, March 7, 2010

The worst thing about an H4 visa holder is, she is not permitted to work in the united states. Do not having a unique identity in the country is the most frustrating thing as a human being. For opening a bank account, filling online forms, applying jobs or taking a state Id she's being asked for any forms of identification. Unlike US citizens, permanent residents or any other types of visa holders, an H4 visa holder can not have a Social Security Number. She is identified as a dependant of her husband. She has to carry her passport always as an identity. Without having an SSN opening a bank account is also impossible. But thanks to the law, she can have a drivers license.

I do not understand, If other dependant visa holders like L2 are allowed to work in the country, then why it is denied for H4 people. For getting a work permit what L2 visa holders have to do is simply apply for an EAD (Employment authorization document). US law says "H4 People are allowed to go back to school and continue education". How many of you would be interested in going back to school if you have already earned an engineering degree or a medical degree or any masters degree from her home country?

As being an educated human being, the most irritating thing is to sit at home, just by doing cooking and cleaning and then depending others for her basic needs.

For the past 2 years I have been searching the Internet for opportunities for h4 wives. I have found some information that I think might be helpful to you too.

The following are some options for you :

The first option is of course to try to get an H1 visa. You are very unlucky people; Since IT consultants were in play until 2009, it was not so diffcult to get an H1 for software professionals. And then later as a result of the fraudulence played by many of these consultants US government put some restrictions on these consulting firms, H1 visa and corp-corp jobs.
Now our situation is in a deadlock. As per the law you are able to get an H1 once you get a project first; and at the same time the employers will hire you only once you have a work permit.

A little more better option is try to get a non-profit job. There also you need an H1 visa to work, but it belongs to a different category. There will be lots of job openings for universities, hospitals and other non-profit organizations. Most of these positions are meant only for peramanent residents or US citizens, but still there will be positions for which they do visa sponsorship once hired.

The third option is go back to schools. Write GRE, TOEFL and apply for universities. If you are lucky you will get some sort of assistantship there, which cover your tuition fee.

And the fourth, work as a freelancer. There are a lot of freelancing sites like, etc.

If you have some experience with computers and internet, then there is a lot of opportunities awaiting for you over the internet.

There are a lot of paid to click websites over the internet, which pay you for viewing advertisements. Most of these websites are scams. But there are a lot of legitimate PTC websites. Some of them have very low pay rate. It is a wastage of time.

I found the following as legitimate and top paying PTC sites.

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